Tennessee Real Estate – Mar ’23 Market Stats

🏡 Facts about East Tennessee, specifically the greater Knoxville area, real estate market are that it is continuing to grow and that growth has an impact on the real estate market! All this talk about The Fed rates, job numbers and more can have you questioning if this is the right time to #buy / #sell! Are you wondering how all of this is actually effecting the real estate market where you live??

You can always trust your favorite Realtor® (me of course 😁) to give you the FACTS for your local #tennessee market vs. just relying on the macro level scare tactics!!

👉See below for the latest Real Estate market trends in East Tennessee and the specific market stats from March in some of our greater Knoxville area markets and get #facts without fear. Don’t see your zip code listed here, thinking about moving to Tennessee or just want to learn more?….go to https://lisamcnealy.com

The question to ask yourself is, why might you need to buy or sell a home, or a commercial property, now and how can you do so while still maintaining your budget and accomplishing your real estate goals? It’s impossible to time the market and we can only use the facts and tools that we have today to make informed decision. #bigpicture #yougotthis 🙌

If you want more real estate facts for East Tennessee, or any other Tennessee markets, I would love to hear from you! Click on the link to get in touch. https://lisamcnealy.com/contact/

Real Estate Market Stats

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